Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Descriptive Text - Animal

Describing an Animal 

A descriptive text is the text that describes a particular person, animal, certain place, and thing.

Could you see a picture below?

How to make it?

 • When we describe an animal:

1. Introduction
Start by the identity of an animal or introduce the character.
example: Paragraph 1 in the Sea Eagle Text

2.  Description: 
Description is the part of the paragraph that describes the character. 
The description text has dominant language features as follows:
1.  Using Simple Present Tense
2.  Using action verbs
3.  Using passive voice
4.  Using noun phrase
5.  Using adverbial phrase
6.  Using technical terms
7.  Using general and abstract noun
8.  Using conjunction of time and cause-effect.
 The Purposes of Descriptive Text as follows:

a. To engage a reader's attention
b. To create Characters
c. To set mood or create an atmosphere
d. To being writing to life. 

The example questions of Sea Eagle Text:

Answer the following questions based on the text:

1. What do you know about eagles?
2. Why is Sea Eagle easy to recognize?
3. What do you think of its flying? Is it easy or hard to do?
4. What do the forelimbs of an Sea Eagle do?
5. What are the Sea Eagle's neck and beak like? 

Good Luck !!

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  1. Distinguish between Report and Descriptive carefully...